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The apartments

Stay in a setting and haven of peace, 5 minutes from the city, the shops, the beach, while enjoying a beautiful swimming pool


The apartments are spacious with 75 m² just for you, A large swimming pool to relax, a terrace to relax and enjoy an exceptional site. At night, you will be cool with air conditioning in all rooms. Never a water problem with a huge tank.

Site video

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Ideally located between the countryside and the sea, the apartments will take you to the charm and excitement of Guadeloupe. Everything is fully enclosed with a swimming pool. Dine at one of the many world famous restaurants in our area, enjoy freshly squeezed juices at one of the colorful stalls along the beach and don't miss the walks, beaches of the island.


About Pascale and Laurent

A couple who overflows with kindness, who are and will always be there to serve you. Their only watchword for your well-being is the word SERVICE. They will cuddle you throughout your stay.

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